Transport and logistics solutions

No matter whether it’s overlength, overwidth or overheight - we can handle it!

Heavy-duty and oversize shipments

We are a traditional transport company that carries out heavy-duty and excess load transportation worldwide. The modern and varied vehicle fleet is designed for heavy-duty and oversize loads.

We take over the route planning and our in-house approvals department takes care of all special, individual and exemption permits both locally and abroad.

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Motivated and experienced staff make us a reliable and competent partner. Our heavy-load haulage company finds suitable and efficient transport solutions throughout the world for almost every kind of transport goods.

Short-haul and long-distance traffic

Along with heavy-duty and oversize transport, we also offer standard transport for all manufacturing companies, from the construction and steel industries to machine and plant engineering. No matter whether it involves container loads, open or under tarpaulin cover, or coil transport: Többe is a reliable logistics partner for short-haul and long-distance traffic.

From the coast to the Ruhr district, from Bremen via Cloppenburg and as far as Münster, we are on the road providing everyday local transportation. For over 100 years, we have been firmly anchored in Emsland and north-western Germany as this is our homeland. In terms of long-distance traffic, we cover the whole of Germany and international destinations.

Ro-Ro traffic

Especially on the routes to Russia and Finland, the Többe haulage company relies on Ro-Ro traffic - the intelligent combination of HGV and ship transportation with short turnaround times and careful cargo handling.

Integrated logistics solutions

We are a one-stop shop for integrated logistics solutions. This means that Többe is a provider for the complete transfer chain. From dispatching location though to consignee, we look after all the merchant’s haulage as well as the customs clearance. National and international.