Transport services


At our forwarding locations in Meppen and Stuhr, we offer our customers modern, insulated warehousing for short, medium and long-term goods storage. Our forklift trucks can move large quantities within our storage halls: they are designed for loads of up to 16 tonnes. Our fully temperature-controlled warehouse in Stuhr was only opened in spring 2016.  

No matter whether it’s complete machines waiting to be delivered, individual transmission parts, plant components or foodstuffs, you will find just the right addition to your company logistics at our storage area which covers over 2,000 m².

Repair service and workshop

The master team at our workshop looks after the servicing and technical control of our company vehicle fleet as well as outsourced repairs. This ensures that our vehicles run as reliably and with the lowest emissions as possible.   

As a public master workshop for the commercial vehicle sector, we also offer outsourced repairs: we perform safety checks and regular general inspections with DEKRA. Furthermore, we specialise in complete overhauls of trailers and replace vehicle floors, brakes, axles and tyres. We can rely on our well-equipped spare parts warehouse for this purpose. 

And what’s more: we also provide training in our master workshop!

Courier service

The haulage company holds the appropriate vehicles for urgent freight and important general cargo and can therefore act on an ad hoc basis.

Seaworthy packaging

Are you a machine manufacturer who sends whole machinery overseas? We will help you package your freight in a seaworthy and transport-secure way.

On the high seas, heat, cold, wet conditions and handling place extreme demands on the packaging. As this requires specialist knowledge and special materials, we have been working for years with professional packaging service providers.

With us, you only have a single point of contact - so that your goods arrive safely.

Customs clearance

We organise full transportation for you, including over national borders and continents. This means that we look after all the paperwork and documents for customs clearance. Our forwarding agents and dispatchers are very familiar with the specifics of each country: they know which documents are required and what timelines need to be observed.  The have the necessary regional and country knowledge to ensure that operations run smoothly. The connection to the NTCS and Atlas system enables the fast and secure preparation of customs documents.