Aspirations and responsibility

Out of respect towards people and the environment, we have committed ourselves to the principle of sustainable business. For us as a haulage company, this means: we accept responsibility for the health and safety of our employees and for environmental and climate protection.

The guiding principles of our business are firmly set out in our mission statement on occupational safety and health and environmental protection.

Comprehensive training measures ensure that these principles are firmly anchored in our company culture and practiced by each individual employee on a daily basis.

We are taking a number of steps to fulfil our social and environmental responsibility:  

Conservation of resources

The responsible handling of non-renewable resources such as fuels and the associated saving of CO2 play a key role within our company. We are therefore continually working towards the reduction of our fuel consumption by investing in fuel-efficient engines and intelligent control technology, and the promotion of fuel-saving behaviour by our employees:

  • We have converted our entire vehicle fleet to modern Euro 6 tractor units.  
  • Our lorries are equipped with GPS systems. These help us keep to short routes and avoid unnecessary ones: they ensure adherence to planned route distances, help with ongoing tour optimisation and reduce deadheading.  
  • As part of our annual driver training, we train our staff in fuel-efficient driving behaviour: the consideration of fuel-efficient maximum speeds, forward-thinking travel, optimal acceleration and much more.
  • Our vehicle fleet is regularly serviced in our company workshop, because a smooth-running engine, sound spark plugs and the right tyre pressure also help to reduce fuel consumption.

Use of renewable energies

At our head office in Meppen, we have installed photovoltaic panels on the roofs of our offices and workshop buildings. Around two thirds of our personal requirement for electricity is covered at this site through solar energy, while any excess green power is fed into the public grid.

Certifications and safety

As a partner and contractor to many industrial enterprises, in which safety, environmental protection and the health of their employees all play a major role, we also take our role very seriously in these areas.

The certification of our forwarding and heavy-load goods logistics firm in accordance with the SCC** (Safety Certificate Contractors) guidelines attests to the high quality standards of our work. In addition to the recertifications which take place every three years, we have our processes reviewed in the form of annual audits by independent third parties. This way, we ensure our processes are continuously put to the test and, where necessary, optimised.

An extremely important element of the SCC** certifications are the high requirements that the system places on all employees in our forwarding and heavy-load goods logistics firm in dealing with hazardous situations and dangerous goods: well-trained staff are therefore indispensable for us. We continually train our staff so that we are on the safe side together.